Quality Assurance

At North American Genomics, we recognize that ensuring the quality of isolated nucleic acid samples is crucial to the success of your downstream applications. As a result, our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art multimode plate reader and gel analysis systems to guarantee precise and accurate quality control (QC) results for your samples.

Sample Quantification

Our Thermo Fisher Scientific Varioskan™ LUX multimode reader enables the precise assessment of your isolated nucleic acids' quantity, instilling confidence in the quality of your results. We analyze nucleic acid samples using absorbance measurements to determine concentrations accurately. Furthermore, our advanced fluorophores, which specifically bind to their target, allow for improved accuracy and sensitivity in dsDNA fluorescence concentration analysis, essential for subsequent applications.

Sample Quality

We are committed to delivering exceptional services at every stage of the process. Our Varioskan™ LUX multimode reader uses absorbance measurements to accurately determine sample purity. If necessary, we perform cleanup reactions to enhance sample purities, ensuring the success of downstream applications.

Sample Integrity

Our team of experienced Ph.D. scientists meticulously examines samples using our electrophoresis workflow to verify that isolation, amplification, and fragmentation are accomplished while maintaining sample integrity. We achieve this through the Invitrogen E-Gel™ Power Snap Electrophoresis System, which offers rapid, sensitive resolution of both DNA and RNA.

Genotyping Solutions for:

  • Breeding programs
  • Parentage testing
  • Holistic solutions
  • Trait mapping and traceability
  • Novel hybrid strain generation
  • Allele mining: SNP discovery & haplotyping
  • Marker-assisted selection, screening, and backcrossing
  • Genome-wide association studies
  • Quantitative trait loci analyses

We Also Provide AgriSeq NGS

Molecular breeding can reduce costs and time in delivering better agricultural plant and animal species. Genomic technologies make breeding programs faster with higher-throughput genotyping across large populations. Applied Biosystems' AgriSeq GBS targets genotyping by sequencing, an innovative solution for high-throughput genotyping that helps customers save money.