Nucleic Acid Extractions

Nucleic acid isolation can be tedious and time-consuming. It is also the beginning of any molecular biology workflow making it an integral step for success in downstream applications. North American Genomics ensures that DNA and RNA extractions are performed optimally yielding the highest nucleic acid concentrations and integrity. Let us help you by freeing up your bench time and providing a cost- effective service that yields quality nucleic acids for downstream applications.

North American Genomics employs the best isolation technologies, including paramagnetic beads and silica-based membrane spin columns, supports flexible solutions to meet the needs of different projects. Our team of Ph.D. scientists are experienced in isolating DNA, RNA, and miRNA from a variety of sample types including but not limited to human blood and tissue, animal blood and tissue, hair follicles, mollusks, and various environmental samples. Quality assurance through the assessment of critical QC analyses guarantees confidence in accurate results that you can trust and confirms sample quality for downstream applications.

Key Features:

  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Stringent quality assurance analysis
  • Customizable protocols to fit any project
  • Designated project manager for constant communication
  • Experience with a multitude of sample types

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We Also Provide AgriSeq NGS

Molecular breeding can reduce costs and time in delivering better agricultural plant and animal species. Genomic technologies make breeding programs faster with higher-throughput genotyping across large populations. Applied Biosystems' AgriSeq GBS targets genotyping by sequencing, an innovative solution for high-throughput genotyping that helps customers save money.