Although aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food industries in the world, it is estimated that only 10% of aquaculture production is based on genetically improved stocks. Genomic solutions have tremendous potential to evolve the field of aquaculture by enhancing the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of animals and plants in all types of water environments.

Genotyping permits the highly accurate detection of genetic traits for the selective breeding of aquatic life. Using flexible, cost-effective genotyping tools, breeding programs can be accelerated through marker-trait correlations for the selection of traits such as improved growth, disease resistance, nutritional value, or stress tolerance. Rapid selection of traits using high throughput routine screening reduces the number of generations required to achieve a desired trait in a population. The power of genotyping can rapidly expand the boundaries of aquaculture making it the obvious choice for future advancements.

Genotyping Solutions for:

  • Breeding programs
  • Reseeding programs
  • Stock strain identification
  • Individual identification
  • Estimation of genetic variation
  • Marker screening for production traits
  • Genetic enhancement
  • Trait mapping and traceability

We Also Provide AgriSeq NGS

Molecular breeding can reduce costs and time in delivering better agricultural plant and animal species. Genomic technologies make breeding programs faster with higher-throughput genotyping across large populations. Applied Biosystems' AgriSeq GBS targets genotyping by sequencing, an innovative solution for high-throughput genotyping that helps customers save money.