What is your average turnaround time?
Turn-around times for new projects vary. North American Genomics takes pride in optimizing workflows and using automation wherever possible. If your project requires a rapid turnaround time, please Contact Us. We will do our best to meet whatever turnaround time your project requires.

What is your typical arrangement when working with customers?
We engage in both annual genotyping contracts and project-based initiatives. Annual contracts are best suited for routine applications, and project-based initiatives best fit variable requirements.

How do you define prices and how much does it cost to work with you?
Prices are often defined on a per-sample basis but may be offered differently depending on scope. Costs are typically defined by your sample volume, commercial or research goals, and the organism. Please Contact Us to learn more.

What is included in your services?
We offer full-service solutions including nucleic acid extraction, whole genome amplification, marker panel and assay design (where relevant), sample preparation, data delivery, and data analysis.

How do I request a quote?
Requesting a quote is easy – just Contact Us and one of our representatives will be in touch.

How do I pay for your services?
We accept payment via wire transfer or ACH. Credit card payments are also possible with a small fee. Instructions for making the payment will be provided on your invoice. North American Genomics is a paperless company and prefers not to receive paper checks. If paper checks are your only option, please mail them to:

North American Genomics
4280 Memorial Drive, Suite A
Decatur, GA USA 30032

Is there a minimum number of samples required for testing?
Different tests and methods require a minimum number of samples to fill a run. Microarrays typically require 24, 96, or 384 samples including controls. Although there is no minimum sample requirement for extraction and whole genome amplification services, the cost of service will decrease with larger volumes as we can incorporate automation. Involving North American Genomics at the start of your project can reduce the overall cost of your testing.

How do I send samples for analysis?
We recommend expedited shipping via UPS or FedEx. Government mailing systems are also possible, as well as additional couriers. Our sample submission requirements vary by service platform and sample type. You can find more information on the Project Development page.

Can I submit multiple batches of samples as I collect them?
Yes. We understand that sampling sometimes spans across longer periods of time, and the importance of receiving data on an ongoing basis for continuous research is important. We offer bulk-contract discounts with options for batch submissions – please Contact Us to learn more.

How can I track the progress of my samples?
Upon initiation of your project, you will be assigned a project manager. They will ensure you are updated at all the crucial steps of your project. They will be available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Genotyping Solutions for:

  • Breeding programs
  • Parentage testing
  • Holistic solutions
  • Trait mapping and traceability
  • Novel hybrid strain generation
  • Allele mining: SNP discovery & haplotyping
  • Marker-assisted selection, screening, and backcrossing
  • Genome-wide association studies
  • Quantitative trait loci analyses
Axiom Genotyping

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