The advancement of agriculture through genomic solutions supports the development of more efficient crops and livestock, leading to sustainable food supply chains and improved disease resistance, nutritional value, stress tolerance, and surveillance.

Genotyping within agrigenomics provides breeders and researchers with powerful, cost-effective tools to detect markers associated with complex genetic traits. Marker-trait correlations accelerate your breeding program through earlier and more accurate breeding selection resulting in tangible gains. High throughput routine screening of many genetic markers reduces the number of generations required to achieve a desired trait throughout a population with greater accuracy than breed management alone.

Genotyping Solutions for:

  • Breeding programs
  • Parentage testing
  • Holistic solutions
  • Trait mapping and traceability
  • Novel hybrid strain generation
  • Allele mining: SNP discovery & haplotyping
  • Marker-assisted selection, screening, and backcrossing
  • Genome-wide association studies
  • Quantitative trait loci analyses

We Also Provide AgriSeq NGS

Molecular breeding can reduce costs and time in delivering better agricultural plant and animal species. Genomic technologies make breeding programs faster with higher-throughput genotyping across large populations. Applied Biosystems' AgriSeq GBS targets genotyping by sequencing, an innovative solution for high-throughput genotyping that helps customers save money.