Companion Animals

Whether canine, feline, equine, or something in between, we understand the importance of your companion’s health and wellbeing. An intimate understanding your pet’s DNA can provide you with actionable information to improve the quality of life and longevity of your companion. Insight into your pet’s genetic predisposition for conditions and diseases allows you to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Additionally, awareness of complex behavioral and performance traits can help you better understand your pet’s needs. Accurate breed identification not only allows owners to better understand their companion, it enables responsible breeders to verify parentage and pedigree for the breeding of healthy pets.

Targeted genotyping of important genetic traits and defects encourages customizable care for the early prediction, prevention, and control of diseases. Array-based genotyping solutions are ideal for the rapid and reliable identification and screening of complex genetic traits. Axiom™ animal genotyping arrays provide uniform genomic coverage of a diverse set of breeds to support a wide range of genotyping applications.

Genotyping Solutions for:

  • Breed identification
  • Ancestry profiling
  • Genetic health risks
  • Physical and behavioral traits
  • Parentage testing
  • Breeding decisions

We Also Provide AgriSeq NGS

Molecular breeding can reduce costs and time in delivering better agricultural plant and animal species. Genomic technologies make breeding programs faster with higher-throughput genotyping across large populations. Applied Biosystems' AgriSeq GBS targets genotyping by sequencing, an innovative solution for high-throughput genotyping that helps customers save money.