Project Development

At North American Genomics, we are committed to the advancement of all research fields, and therefore, we are fully invested in every project that we collaborate on. We are capable of adapting our methodologies for your research needs and have extensive experience designing customizable protocols that are tailored to you.

Do you require a service that is not listed on our website? Just ask. We have the flexibility to expand our platforms and methodologies to provide our clients with the services they require.

Let's talk science.

Sample Quantities for Extraction Services:

  • Serum: at least 250 μL
  • Swab: 1-2 swabs
  • Hair follicles: 20 hairs with bulbs attached
  • Ear punch: one 2-3 mm circular punch
  • Tissue: 20-150 mg (sample dependent)

Sample Quantities for Whole Genome Amplification Services:

  • Purified genomic DNA: 10 μL of 5ng/μL (minimum 2 kb in length)
  • Whole blood: 5 μL
  • Cells: at least 5 μL of 600 cells/μL

Sample Submission

To ensure proper packaging of your samples, please follow the guidelines associated with your collection device and sample type. All samples must be clearly labelled, individually identified, and securely packed. Labels should withstand frozen temperatures without detaching from sample tubes.

Send as Next Day Air delivery to:

North American Genomics
4280 Memorial Drive, Suite A
Decatur, GA 30032, USA
(470) 560-6048

Additional information will be provided by your project manager upon project initiation.